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GLAS 2021 Awards

Thank you all for joining us this year. Your support has been incredible, and we’ve loved hearing from all of you throughout these last two weeks. To celebrate the closing of the festival we would like to invite you all to join us in Club GLAS tonight, from 7pm PST onwards. Link sent to passholders via email.

Until then we have some exciting news to share with you.

Simulation Award

We’re pleased to announce the new Simulation Award with the support and encouragement of David OReilly. This award is for filmmakers in competition that creatively use simulation, automation or algorithms in their filmmaking process. Our intention is to recognize and encourage the growing field of artistic expression enabled by code, GPU’s and machine collaboration.

GLAS 2021 Awards

We would like to thank Dahee Jeong, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, and Shen Jie for sharing their work with us and for participating on the jury for the 6th edition of the GLAS Animation Festival. We would also like to thank all the filmmakers for sharing their films with us and our audience.

To keep the spirit of the in-person festival, we wanted to announce the award winning films as a complete surprise, for everyone at the same time.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the award winners for GLAS 2021.

Grand Prix
KKUM by Kangmin Kim

Jury Statement: The director created his own stop-motion graphic style. This film is technically outstanding and has excellent directing skills. As the creator of this animation, he made his mother’s puppet, or creature, and his mother made him through her dreams. It is impressive that the film-making itself and the story of the film about “dreams” are composed of Mise en abyme.

High Risk Award
Just a Guy by Shoko Hara

Jury statement: “Just a guy” is a surprising short film based on a true story. It is bold, vibrant and disturbing by its subject matter,  but the author managed to beautifully make it very interesting and accessible. The story is enhanced by an original mixed media technique. It is a very refreshing film. Bravo!

New Talent Award
Naked by Kirill Khachaturov

Jury statement: LOVE IS STRANGE!

Simulation Award
Maalbeek by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

Jury statement: This film brilliantly shows how an individual tries to find their memory in the collective memory, but it is impossible and absent like broken pixels, scorched ashes, and voices left on an answering machine.

Special Mention
Easter Egg by Nicolas Keppens

Jury Statement: It’s humorous, exquisite and sharp. The colorful birds fly into the little window which reflects the weakness and loneliness of people.

Audience Award

1000 Rêves : Zenti l’invinsible by Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson

US Competition Award
Opera by Erick Oh

Jury Statement: “Opera” is a powerful film with a deep, powerful message, embodying different aspects of human life on earth and beyond. It is innovative and very technical in its approach to storytelling. It was a pleasure to see it during the festival.

Family Competition Award
Curious world of animals by Dante Zaballa, Osian Efnisien

Jury Statement: This film uses a relaxed visual style and editing to present some animal secrets and their relationship to people in a playful tone.

Best Gif presented by Giphy Arts
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