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A Conversation With Terry Gilliam

  • 60 mins

Terry Gilliam is one of the most iconic, imaginative, and inspiring directors of all time. With a career spanning comics, animation, theater, live-action, and opera, he’s done it all.

From memorable cutouts in Monty Python, elaborate fantasies in Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, science-fiction epics such as Brazil and 12 Monkeys, to more intimate films such as The Fisher King and Tideland, each Terry Gilliam film bears his unmistakable stamp of unbound creativity, chaos, and splendor. Gilliam has always maintained his wild, creative vision, no matter the scale.

We’re honored to have Terry Gilliam as a special guest where he talks to us about his introduction to animation, his path to directing live-action features, themes in his work, filmmaking philosophies, and more.

Moderated by Jeanette Jeanenne

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