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Family Competition 1

  • 120 mins

A collection of the best international independent animated shorts made with children in mind. These films are beautiful, fun, imaginative, and are an excellent introduction to the types of films children see from countries all over the world.

Immediately following the screening is a Q&A with the filmmakers in this screening moderated by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero.

Films: 60 minutes
Q&A: 60 minutes

In this program

Athleticus: The Encounter

Directed by Nicolas Deveaux

A turtle and a mackerel: the birth of a Mythical Figure Skating Couple!

A Lynx in the Town

Directed by Nina Bisiarina

A curious lynx leaves its forest, attracted by the lights of the nearby town. It has great fun there until it falls asleep in the middle of a parking lot. In the early morning, locals are astonished to find this strange animal covered in snow.

Gon, The Little Fox

Directed by Takeshi Yashiro

When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyojudoesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.


Directed by Dean Hamer, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Joe WIlson

Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach – and the legendary dual male and female spirits within them.

Long ago, four extraordinary individuals of both male and female spirit brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii. Beloved by the people for their gentle ways and miraculous cures, they imbued four giant boulders with their powers. The stones still stand on what is now Waikiki Beach, but the true story behind them has been hidden – until now. Narrated in an ancient Hawaiian dialect, Kapaemahu brings this powerful legend back to life in vivid animation, seen through the eyes of a curious child.

Goodbye Robin!

Directed by Dongsan Kim, Emilie Damiens, Jasmine Veljanovski, Michelle Ong, Olga Serdyukova, Quỳnh-Phương NGUYỄN, Sophie Barocas

As he looks at a flower, Mika is reminded of his childhood, and feels a creature awaken inside his head : a giant stuck in apathy.


Directed by Camille BROUTIN, Jade KHOO, Matthieu DAURES, Maxime JOUNIOT, Victor CHAGNIOT, Victoria DE MILLO GREGORY

A young lizard named Clarence steals a precious plane while the whole village is distracted by the greatest concert it has ever seen.