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How to Pitch Your Film

  • 60 mins

(To People Who Can Actually Get it Made)

You’ve been working so hard on this new idea.  You can tell that this is the one.  You’ve never been more excited.  Now, you just have to pitch it.  Pitching can often be a confusing process for filmmakers.  Who do you pitch to?  Is this idea appropriate for TV or would it work better as a short film? Is the network looking for work in this genre?  I hear Europe has funding for shorts, can I get in on that? I wish someone could give me a straightforward answer! Have no fear, this panel will elucidate the many facets of putting together the perfect pitch.  In this conversation, a range of executives, talent managers, and producers will go in-depth on the ins and outs of pitching across the spectrum: from TV series to independent short films.


Jelena Popovic (National Film Board of Canada)
Alison Mann (Sony Pictures Animation)
Katie Mullins (Netflix)
Asalle Tanha (Cartoon Network Studios)
Kari Kim (Nickelodeon)

Moderated by Sean Buckelew



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