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Black Square

Directed by Peter Burr

‘Black Square’ is a short film that examines ways we endure contemporary life in the grid. It animates a philosophy of perception through an assault of optical illusions, highlighting limitations of one’s body and mind. An assembly of human figures writhe and squares strobe in rhythm to audio sampled from the opening of the 1965 Op Art exhibition “The Responsive Eye”. Through the friction of this contrast, a portrait emerges of an anxious divided society pushing at the boundaries of our teetering attention.

Plays in

Competition 2

We are pleased to present the Official Competition selections for the 6th edition of GLAS Animation Festival. These selections can be seen in 5 separate programs which consist of the best films made within the last two years. This collection of films highlight what is new and exciting in the world of independent animation and each of these programs is a must see at this GLAS 2021.