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Best of GLAS 2021

  • 98 mins

A showcase of the award winners of GLAS 2021. Please note that this program has films which are geoblocked to North America or the US, and may affect the program in its entirety.

In this program

Curious World of Animals

Directed by Dante Zaballa

Take a glimpse at the natural world which surrounds us in this groundbreaking documentary, produced and realized by Dante Zaballa and Osian Efnisien.


Directed by Kang-min Kim

My mother’s dreams have always been strong premonitions for important moments in my life.
I rely on her dreams more than any religion.

Just a Guy

Directed by Shoko Hara

JUST A GUY is an animated documentary short film about love. Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction and relationship with Richard Ramirez: A serial killer and rapist they contacted after he was convicted.

1000 dreams: Zenti the invincible

Directed by Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson

Zenti looks for his wife. Zenti is haunted by memories that are not his. Zenti has no control over the present but he will never collapse. He will write poem until his death to find her and himself.


Directed by Erick Oh

OPERA is a massive 8K size animation installation project which portrays our society and history, which is filled with beauty and absurdity. This ambitious piece can be simply defined as a contemporary animated edition of the Renaissance fresco mural paintings. Driven by the spirits of Bosch, Michelangelo, Botticelli and more, Erick enables viewers to experience the range of in-depth emotions through this epic reflection of human life : it is hopeful, funny, thoughtful, yet scary and sad. This piece is not only a living piece of art but an invitation to question the mechanisms of your society and behavior. The universality of its message will move everyone’s heart and thoughts.


Directed by Kirill Khachaturov

Somewhere in Eastern Europe due to an accident in a laboratory, the hero gains superpowers that he does not want. The hero does not want to be a superhero, to save the world from villains, he wants to live as before without changing anything. The situation is complicated by the fact that while he gains the awareness of his power, it causes problems in his everyday life. While he is stuck in the elevator, he meets a girl who likes him and wants to help him.


Directed by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

Survivor but amnesiac of the attack at Maalbeek metro station on 22 March 2016 in Brussels, Sabine is looking for the missing image of an over-mediatised event of which she has no memory.

Easter Eggs

Directed by Nicolas Keppens

The Chinese restaurant is empty. The exotic bird’s cage stands wide open. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as an opportunity to catch and sell them. Catching the birds ain’t as simple as it seems.