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International Showcase

  • 120 mins

Expanding beyond the competition screenings at GLAS 2021 is the International Showcase which highlights an incredible collection of animated short films from some of the best filmmakers around the world. These special curated programs include films from from of the world’s most prominent independent animation directors as well as budding emerging artists.

Immediately following the screening is a Q&A with the filmmakers in this screening moderated by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero.

Films: 60 minutes
Q&A: 60 minutes

In this program

My Friend Who Shines in the Night

Directed by Grégoire DE BERNOUIS, Hélène LEDEVIN, Jawed BOUDAOUD, Simon CADILHAC

A ghost loses their memory after being struck by lightning. They meet Arthur, who tries to help them.

Patrouille de France – Dernier tour

Directed by Emmanuel Lantam

A last run, man.

It’s All the Salt’s Fault

Directed by María Cristina Pérez

The youngest daughter of a family of sloths rebuilds her parents’ and three siblings’ story. Behind the human normality of a family, the wild spirit appears in everyday life’s details, turning everything into untameable memories.


Directed by Szöllősi Anna

„Helfer” is about a young woman who is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She seeks out a helper, who offers an alternative solution, but in the process she must confront her greatest fears. The film details their relationship in a surreal world through symbolic events.


Sasha is five years old, she often listens to the opera “Madame Butterfly”. It is on TV and on the radio. The story of Madame Butterfly becomes a clue to her family dramas that she can’t understand yet.


Directed by Ho Tsz Wing

It is a 2D hand-drawn abstract animation using the music, “Catgot” by ISAN. The film highlights the beauty of the colors, composition and transformations of the objects in the scene. I am inspired by those strong beats in the song which express the sounds of dripping water and smashing bubbles. Therefore, the water droplets undergo diverse transformations in the animation such as rotation and distortion. Adopting different colored hand-drawn brushstroke texture to draw the movements of water droplets in Photoshop so as to convey an abstract and colorful “fountain performance” to the audience.

The Infinite

Directed by Simone Massi

Animation inspired by the poem “The Infinite” by Giacomo Leopardi


Directed by Szakály Réka Anna

Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast, both sharing the same goal of reaching the other side in hopes of a better life. However, when a mysterious character enters the life of one, a chain of irreversible events begins. Relationships fall apart along with the very world around them.