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The New Wave of Latin American Independent Animation + Q&A

  • 75 mins

There is not an only way to describe Latin American Animation because Latin America is a great and diverse mix of cultures. There are also many different cultures and socio-economic contexts within every country, having each one its own and singular identity.

However, History of Latin American countries has been characterized by periods of violence, censorship and discrimination and, recently, many right-wing governments have made huge cuts in culture. Animation is often being used as a tool for sociopolitical engagement and many of the films blur the boundaries between documentary and fiction.

While Latin American mainstream animation has become more and more visible in the recent years, independent films have not been sufficiently exhibited or discussed. There is just a very little market for short films in the region. But despite not having financing, several events like independent festivals or laboratories have spread across Latin America, laying the foundations for future Animation.

This selection of short films shows the very unique artistic, thematic and technical diversity within the early stages of the new Latin American Animation.

Curated by Barbara Cerro

Director and founder of Bit Bang International Animation, Video Games and Digital Art Festival, which takes place every year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2015. She is also an independent filmmaker and animation director. Her alma mater is UBA, she graduated as an Image and Sound Designer and studied Documentary Filmmaking. Her works were part of many festivals around the world, like Berlinale and OIAF and won several awards, including Martín Fierro, the most important award in Argentina.


Carne / Flesh – Camila Kater – Brazil – 2020 – 12:12
Pulsión / Drive – Pedro Casavecchia – Argentina – 2019 – 6:57
It´s All the Salt´s Fault / Todo es culpa de la sal –  María Cristina Pérez – Colombia – 2020 – 10:00
Curious world of Animals – Dante Zaballa and Osian Efnsien – United States and Argentina – 2021 – 4:26
Trompita y la migración de liebres / Tiny Snout and the hare migration – Florentina González – Argentina – 2019 – 5:26
Lupus / Lupus – Carlos Gómez Salamanca – Colombia – 2016 – 8:51
Eclosión / Eclosion – Rita Basulto – Mexico – 2019 – 6:10
Por Ahora un Cuento / Sometimes Two Herons – Carla Melo – Colombia – 2018 – 11:48
Padre / Father – Santiago Bou Grasso – Argentina – 2013 – 11:52
Nevada / Snowfall – Guillermo Daldovo – Argentina and Spain – 2020 – 10:10
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In this program

It’s All the Salt’s Fault

Directed by María Cristina Pérez

The youngest daughter of a family of sloths rebuilds her parents’ and three siblings’ story. Behind the human normality of a family, the wild spirit appears in everyday life’s details, turning everything into untameable memories.

Curious World of Animals

Directed by Dante Zaballa

Take a glimpse at the natural world which surrounds us in this groundbreaking documentary, produced and realized by Dante Zaballa and Osian Efnisien.