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Competition 4

  • 120 mins

We are pleased to present the Official Competition selections for the 6th edition of GLAS Animation Festival. These selections can be seen in 5 separate programs which consist of the best films made within the last two years. This collection of films highlight what is new and exciting in the world of independent animation and each of these programs is a must see at this GLAS 2021.

Immediately following the screening is a Q&A with the filmmakers in this screening moderated by Tom C J Brown.

Films: 60 minutes
Q&A: 60 minutes

In this program


Directed by Andreas Hykade

“You know, when I was a boy, I fell in love with the Virgin Mary. It happened in a little Bavarian town called Altötting.” Mesmerizing, haunting, and deeply personal, Altötting is a coming-of-age story about love, faith, mortality, and shattered illusions.

I’m Here

Directed by Julia Orlik

An elderly man is looking after his paralyzed wife. Despite his old age and health problems he’s doing his best to relieve her suffering, which is getting worse day by day. His daughter helps him, trying to balance care with her work in the hospital and family life. Everyone has a different view on how to properly care for the sick, which often causes arguments.

Like a Rabbit

Directed by Na Yon Cho

A girl searches desperately to fill her insatiable void.

Above the Brain

Directed by Akihito Nonowe

I put my faith in creation through pure manual reflex: Leaving any thought processes behind. Where would this all lead us to? And how would it end? It’s all pure thrill and excitement!

shapes.colours.people. and floatingdown

Directed by Peter Millard

no one can hear you when your floating and struggling through a midst of thick mash potato esque substance and colours in a constant state of unhappy happyness.

My Galactic Twin Galaction

Directed by Sasha Svirsky

Good and evil, utopia and dystopia, narrative and post narrative collide in a mortal battle to entertain the audience.


Directed by Caroline Cherrier

Guillaume kills Horacio “because he was shouting too loud.” At his trial, the vacuity of the motive disconcerts. During his 10 years in prison, Guillaume gradually forgets this story which had convinced no one. When he gets out, someone starts shouting again…

Blue Fear

Directed by Lola Halifa-Legrand, Marie Jacotey

A couple on the roads of Provence. Nils is driving Flora to his parents for the first time when they get ambushed. Whilst she’s made prisoner, he flees. During a night in the pinewood, she has to face her doubts.